How InVe works


 InVe connects on demand riders with engaging videos and real-time and offers   


 Passengers know their journey has been offset as soon as they see our InVe screens 


  Ride Hailing Drivers are able to earn additional income by becoming partnering with InVe 

For Brands & Advertisers

We connect Brand to target clients with relevant, interactive, engaging and contextual advertisements. 

We provide data and reports for every campaign which allows advertisers to monitor their campaign's performance.

Our InVe platform helps brands target on demand riders with engaging and interactive video, imagery, news, media, television.

InVe's platform provides the opportunity for brands to engage 1 on 1 with their audience ads an exciting dimension for out of home advertising.


Our mission is to offset 15,000 Tonnes of Co2 Emissions by 2024

Land Transport accounts for 52% of all Co2 Emissions.

We are supporting the environment and transport players while the sustainable transport adoption is occurring.

 Our platform provides a turnkey solution that adds extra revenue layers to entities that are leading this transition.  

Passengers know when they see our screens that their ride has been offset.


We offset EVERY ride-share ride in our packages.

Brands: this is an opportunity for you to align yourselves with a cause.


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